Making a dream come true!

I’m Cristina, Spanish designer from Spain (Madrid), leaving in Maryland and the owner of Easy Picsy. If you are reading this, means that you have stopped by my shop and that is a big reason to thank you already!

Easy Picsy born in 2021 in the middle of a whole world pandemic looking to remind people the beauty of the small things as a piece of art in the wall or a pillow to snuggle in those bad days.
Inspired for all the ideas coming to my mind during the lock down and moved by my passion for design, I started working in this little dream that little by little is becoming bigger.
I love to constantly design new illustrations, create decor with my sewing machine, paint, prototype, cut, paste, get messy and get clean! Pretty much everything that involves hands on design is my thing. And what a thing! I enjoy doing this so much and that’s the reason why I decide to share my creations with you, because all of them are full of enthusiasm, happiness, hard work and love.

I thank you all for believe in my products and support my small business. Every new sale is a reason to keep going and fight for this dream!

Cristina M.

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